springy morning in middleton

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a warm(ish) day in the middle of winter. I woke up this Saturday with 44° temps, which seems like a heat wave for January in Wisconsin. I knew I had to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while I could actually breathe it in without  freezing my lungs off.

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D and I headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots in Middleton – Prairie Café and Bakery. It moved from it’s old location (just across the street) about two years ago, and while I love that the new location offers a bigger menu, more seating, and tons of windows, part of me misses the small café vibes that the old location gave. Anyway, I still enjoy going there, and this time I tried something new for breakfast – Almond and Cherry Granola with Strawberries and Bananas – and I got soy milk to pour over it. It was super yummy, but got a bit too sweet by the end. I also ordered a soy café au lait. I love coffee and wish I could drink sweetened lattes and sharp cold brews all day long, but it really hurts my tummy, so I have to stick to half dairy-free milk/half coffee combos sweetened with a little stevia.

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After our breakfast, we decided to try out the paths in Pheasant Branch Conservancy, just a short walk from the café. They had been totally ice-covered all winter, which is pretty disappointing, because winter walks can be super refreshing, but not if you’re on your booty the whole time! The paths ended up being melted enough to walk on, even though they weren’t 100%. You can see me pondering whether I can make it in the next pic…

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I was excited to get to wear this coat again – it’s a Jessica Simpson army green light winter coat that I found at TJ Maxx in Washington DC about 2 years ago. I remember getting it for around $75 at that time (originally over $100), and it looks like it’s still available online at some outlets for an even cheaper price. It is definitely the more stylish of my winter coats, but not nearly as warm as my North Face, so I unfortunately don’t get to wear it all that often, but this was the perfect occasion!

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I found these Lauren Ralph Lauren Tally Rain Boots at DSW last fall. I had been looking for short black boots, and the $50 price tag was definitely appealing. When I bought them, I wasn’t totally sure if I’d love them – I was used to tall rain boots, but these seemed a bit more versatile and stylish. They have now become one of my most-worn pairs of shoes. I love that I can dress them up and down, and they are great in any weather!

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I find myself reaching for these earrings almost every day. They are so pretty and dainty, and I love the ear-jacket style. These are LC Lauren Conrad Front-Back Earrings from Kohl’s, which is probably where 90% of my earrings are from these days. They are currently on sale for $12.60 and come in gold and silver as well!

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This J Crew Factory Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf is a find from last winter. It’s a little bulky with my heavier coats, but laid perfectly with this lighter one. I usually don’t reach for cream-tones during the winter because they can wash out my already pale complexion, but the texture on this scarf somehow makes it okay.

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Curly hair probs… always having to tighten and lift my pony so I don’t look like I have a mullet.

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Special thanks to my cutie D for taking these pics (besides this one of course)!


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