valentine’s day wishlist

Valentine’s Day has always seemed like a breath of fresh air to me. While I think love and relationships should be celebrated every day, I think that this holiday comes at the perfect time of year – everyone is cold and uninspired and wishing for spring, when BAM, Valentine’s Day pops up and romance returns. D and I usually opt for actually doing something to celebrate Valentine’s Day, like going out to dinner and ordering a nice bottle of wine, instead of giving gifts, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally attracted to all the Vday-themed gifts popping up on my favorite shops. If we decided to do gifts one year, or if I felt like being an awesome person and getting my lovely friends some Valentine’s goodies, these would be my top choices.

Rifle Paper Co. is my go-to online shop for stationary and greeting cards. They’re constantly putting out great new designs and their vibe is so up my alley. I couldn’t pick just one Valentine-themed card from their site – these are all so adorable. If I was picking for D, I’d probably go with the “Mi Amor” one since I know he’d really appreciate the Spanish.


source: Anthropologie

I’m pretty sure candy is the most classic Valentine’s Day gift ever (maybe behind jewelry…) and these flower-shaped gummies from Love Icon (sold at Anthropologie) modernize the whole “box of chocolates” idea – and how Instagrammable, right?!


source: The Little Market

Going along with the Spanish theme, this “amor” soy scented candle from The Little Market would be the perfect addition to a cozy Valentine’s Day in with your love (or friends… or four-legged child).


source: The Merry Elephant Etsy Shop

I’ve never been one to really love the whole jewelry-for-Valentine’s-Day idea because it seems too cliché, but these teeny rose-gold heart earrings from an Etsy shop called The Merry Elephant would probably change my mind.


source: Anthropologie

Coffee table books are becoming more and more appealing to me as I try to decorate my apartment in a way that brings me joy (thank you Marie Kondo), and this one from Anthropologie has a great aesthetic while also allowing for a creative side to come out while connecting with your significant other. It would also be great to look back on during future Valentine’s Days together.

What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you expect expensive gifts or do you tend to appreciate smaller items like me? No matter how or with who you choose to spend it, I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day is filled with love!



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