a day in the life of nanny natalie

When I tell someone that I’m a nanny for school-age children, the most common question I get is: So what do you DO all day? Once I explain that I basically have the job of a stay-at-home-mom, it seems to make more sense. Since I love to read “a day in the life” articles and blog posts of others, I thought I might do one myself, and possibly clear up any questions about what nanny life really is!

5:30 AM : My alarm goes off and I wake up to a furry plump kitty sleeping across my face and purring away… pleasant.

5:45 AM : After laying in bed staring at my closet for a while considering my options, I finally drag myself up and into the bathroom. I go through my normal morning routine: contacts in, take meds, wash face, apply skincare, put on makeup, etc.

6:00 AM : Put on outfit I decided on earlier… think it looks absolutely disgusting and rip it off and throw it on the floor. Find a new combo that looks fairly decent and decide that’s as good as it’s going to get.


6:15 AM : I like to make a quick breakfast so I have time to get myself organized for the day before leaving. I used to love having toast for breakfast, but try to stay away from it since realizing my gluten-sensitivity. Then, this Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain bread came into my life, and everything changed – it actually has a decent texture when toasted, compared to the disgusting cardboard boxes some other gluten-free brands try to call bread. I usually have one piece with pb&j and another piece with just butter (aka Earth Balance because it tastes like real salty butter but doesn’t make me feel like poop) because I have no power when it comes to my brain’s decisions on sweet vs. salty – ALWAYS need both.

7:00 AM : Leave for work – luckily my nanny fam lives close so it’s a quick drive (just quick enough for my car to be warming up right as I have to shut it off – ugh).

7:15 AM : Usually walk in to craziness! The boys need hair brushed, teeth brushed, lunches packed, homework put away, and afternoon plans sorted out before leaving for school.

7:30 AM : Leave for the 25-minute drive to school. Boys are quiet in the back with their iPads (except for the occasional play-by-play of the newest dragon quest…) so I tend to turn on the hits of the 2000’s station and try to pump it up to start my day.

7:55 AM : Arrive at school to drop off the boys. They take about 4 hours to get out of the car and other cars are whipping around me in the drop-off line… super cool. Once they finally get out, I put on my current audiobook (only way to get through my book club books these days) and get started on the drive back to the house.

8:25 AM : Pull in back at the nanny house. Turn on the Today Show, get started on the boy’s laundry (why do little boys wear 4 outfits in one day?), get the clean dishes put away and the dirty dishes washed, and probably sit down to watch a new segment on the Today Show every 10 minutes.

10:00 AM : Go around the house watering the plants, and head outside to fill up the birdseed in the bird feeders. Get mildly attacked by the squirrel at the bird feeder but manage to walk away unscathed. Head back inside and put away all the ingredients from the Blue Apron box that just arrived. Remember I need to prep dinner for tonight and pull back out all the ingredients for one of the meals – get to choppin’ and sliclin’ and cookin’.

11:00 AM : Time for a Target run to get all the essentials for the nanny family! Usual grocery list consists of: blueberries, strawberries, apples, avocados, skim milk, eggs, string cheese, Goldfish, bread, peanut butter, and Lunchables. Of course, there are always little additions each time, and this week those come in the form of candy for Valentines to pass out at school, and ingredients for tacos for dinner this weekend. I usually end up doing two transactions at the checkout because it’s absolutely impossible for me to walk through that store and not pick up things for myself too.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

12:00 PM : After Target, I head to my apartment for a quick lunch and some computer work. Some days I have enough time to relax for a while and make a real lunch, but usually I end up grabbing something quick like this EVOL Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese frozen meal. When this was in the microwave I was a little worried because the smell was totally overwhelming, and while I like truffle, it can be too much. But once I tasted it… wow. Total decadence in a quick lunch break!

1:00 PM : Head back to the nanny house for a few more things – today I have to sew on some boy scout badges (successfully completed after countless Youtube videos…) and get the boys unpacked from their last weekend trip. Then I pack up everything we need for after school, which is a process. On a normal day, this includes: snacks (totally different for each kid because they could never like the same thing, right?!), juice boxes, water bottles, karate bos, karate pants and tops, karate belts, iPads, and forms to turn in at the school office.

2:40 PM : Leave the house to pick up the boys at school – it lets out at 3:15. Listen to my audiobook on the way there.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3:00 PM : Since I’m a total psycho and need to be everywhere 20 minutes early, I usually arrive at school with enough time to relax in the car and have a snack. I love snack mixes that are packed with flavor, and this one has been one of my go-to’s lately: flavored peanuts, roasted chickpeas with garlic, and Glutino gluten free pretzel twists. I’m so happy to finally have pretzels back in my life after a sad period without them… who knew gluten free could taste no different than regular?!

3:15 PM : Walk in to school to get homework figured out and backpacks packed up. Have this conversation about 3 times per kid: “Do you have homework?” “No, no homework!!!” “Oh well I saw on your assignment board that you have math homework…” “Oh, yeah, that… okay, I have math homework.” Wish that every kid was as crazy organized as me as an elementary schooler.

3:25 PM : Pile the kids and all their stuffz into the van, and zoom over to the karate studio. Kids eat the snacks I packed and inevitably complain about something I brought saying they can’t even STOMACH it yet it was their favorite snack last week. Can never keep up… have stopped trying to.

3:55 PM : Run into karate with 30 bags piled up. One kid tells me he’s pretty sure I have 6 arms because I can do so many things at once – taking that as a compliment. Get the boys in the bathroom to change, and organize all their stuff into cubbies so mom doesn’t show up to a disaster across the studio.

4:15 PM : Boys start class, so I have a few quiet moments of phone scrolling among the karate screams. Make sure I have the list of the boys’ homework all organized and check emails to keep up with notes from teachers and other activity leaders.

5:00 PM : Mom shows up to relieve me from my duties. Let her know how the boys’ days went, and then rush out of that place cause see yaaaaaa. Grab the mail and packages by the door once I get back, and put away the dry cleaning. Unload backpacks, snack garbage, and snow gear. Make sure everything is organized and put away because I’ll be stressed if I walk into a mess tomorrow.

5:30 PM : Leave nanny house to head home, and thank the heavens that I don’t have children yet and get to go home to a quiet, clean apartment.

7:30 PM : Receive a few texts from nanny mom… “What page does Evan have for math homework?” “Was scouts cancelled for tomorrow?” Reply and get shit figured out, cause that’s my job yo.

So here’s the answer to everyone that thinks I do nothing all day… SEE! I will admit that some days are much quieter than this and I have a few hours to spend at home doing laundry or running errands, but there are also other days (like EVERY DAY OF THE SUMMER) that all my seconds are accounted for. I’ve learned to roll with the punches and always remember that as long as the kids are safe, healthy and (mostly) happy, it’s okay to leave an unwashed fork in the sink or a karate belt forgotten at home.


*I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes, but as always, opinions are 100% my own!


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