my true valentine…

D has been my valentine for 8 years now, and while I love him dearly, I feel pretty lucky to have another valentine this year as well. If you know me at all, it will be clear who that second one is…


Here she is – Miss Gabi! This little cutie patootie is my absolute everything. She came into our lives just about 10 months ago, and has taken over our hearts completely. I can honestly say that if you asked me a year ago if I ever saw myself with a cat, I would say absolutely not. For one, I’m allergic. Secondly, I’ve never had a cat, and never really had much interest. But then things changed. D and I had been talking on and off about getting a pet, and we both had dogs most of our lives, so that was where we were leaning. After a lot of discussion, it was clear we did not have the time or finances to adopt a dog at this point. We jokingly knocked around the idea of a cat, since they are a bit more independent and typically less expensive. We were somewhat interested, but never really thought about pursuing anything.

Then, a family friend’s cat had kittens. My sister called me and told me the news, and I knew I had to meet them. After about 2 minutes with these gorgeous babies, D and I knew we’d be bringing one home soon. Gabi wasn’t the smallest or the most friendly, but even at only 2 weeks old, she had such a sweet and spunky personality – we knew she had to be ours. We spent the next few weeks getting the apartment ready for her and buying way too many toys (in my opinion, she could never have to many, but D is a lil more realistic).

I was honestly terrified to bring her home… I hardly even knew how to hold a cat, and she was only 2 pounds at this point! She quickly showed us just how spunky (and sweet) she still was, and we fell in love quickly. That first morning waking up with her curled into my chest like a little peanut just about did me in. I never knew I could love something as much as this!

Though she definitely has her sassy moments (my dad INSISTS she is out to kill him), Gabi can also be the sweetest pumpkin in the world. We’re pretty sure she still thinks she’s 2 pounds, and I wake up most nights to her crawling onto my chest to snuggle up under my chin. She has to lay on every single snuggly-textured item we set down (blankets, coats, sweatshirts, scarves, laptop cases… you get the picture) and loves to catch a little sun. Her favorite part of the day is when D comes home at night and they sprint laps around the apartment until she’s collapsed on her side, panting and totally out of breath (do normal cats pant? I think she might be a psycho…).


Although the vet says she’s a great weight, I’m convinced she likes her food just a little too much and will end up with a few extra lbs at some point, but that will just make me love her more. She has the cutest bowls in the entire world that I found at Marshall’s (and she opened them as her Christmas present!) and her current favorite food is Hill’s Ideal Balance. I’m pretty sure this is the most adorable teeny bag of cat food I’ve ever seen, and Gabi agrees – every time I get it out she comes sprinting through the apartment and throws herself at it, and her coat is shinier and softer than ever!

As you can probably tell, Gabi has brought more joy to our lives than we ever imagined a little kitten could. She has a permanent hold on our hearts, and we hope to some day give her a little kitten sister or brother to teach her spunky ways.

*I received this product free from Crowdtap to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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