february favorites

Man, I can’t believe February is already over! But you know what that means… IT’S NOW MY BIRTHDAY MONTH (more on that later). Anyway, February definitely flew by, but I can’t say I’m upset – I had a great month, and we’re moving closer to spring, which is what’s getting me through these frozen days. I found a few bits and bobs this month that I have been loving, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Favorite Hair Product – Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

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I’ve been embarrassingly using the same heat protectant spray since high school (like legit the same bottle… I think this may show I don’t use enough?!) so I decided a new one was overdue. I usually have my sister grab me a product at the supply store (she’s a hairstylist) but I was wandering in Sephora and came across this product. This spray looks creamy white in the bottle, but comes out more like a sheer oil spray. It’s super moisturizing, and gives my hair the silkiest, smoothest texture. I’ve been using it on wet hair when I get out of the shower, but I also spray it all over and brush through before straightening or curling my hair. I’ve been overjoyed with the results even after just a few tries, and I feel like I’ve almost stopped my split ends in their tracks. This product is not cheap ($28 for a bottle), but I always find spending a little more on hair products is worth it, especially when you’re  in the process of bleaching the poop our of your hair like me 🙂

Favorite Face Wipes – Yes to Miracle Oil 2-in-1 Cleansing and Moisturizing Face Wipes with Primrose Oil

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As much as I’d like to be one of those people that does their entire perfect skincare routine every morning and night, I’m just not (and probably never will be), but I also hate the feeling of waking up to a face full of makeup and eyes crusted with old mascara. My perfect medium: face wipes! These babies feel so much quicker and more convenient than normal face cleanser, and I love trying any new varieties that come out. When I heard about the new Miracle Oil line from Yes to, I was on the hunt, but after weeks and weeks of checking my local Target and only finding a few face masks from the range, I was feeling frustrated and left out. But then, I randomly found the whole line at, of all places, WOODMAN’S GROCERY STORE. What in the world, right?! And these wipes are everything I dreamed of. A light, fresh rosy smell… a moisturized feeling unlike many other cleansing face wipes… and they even take off mascara with ease without irritating my eyes. I have a feeling these will become a staple in the face wipe department for me!

Favorite TV Show – Riverdale


source: The CW

I admit that I was a somewhat dorky kid, but I wasn’t dorky enough to read comics in my free time… EXCEPT Archie comics. My mom would buy huge sets of them for me at Sam’s Club, and I would devour the stories, never quite deciding if I wanted Archie to be with Betty or Veronica. Needless to say, when I heard that there was a new TV series coming out with characters based on these comics, I counted down the days until the premiere. Riverdale (on The CW) doesn’t follow the storyline of the comics, but that’s even better – the show is part mystery/part Gossip Girl/part Hart of Dixie (small town aspect), and I’ve watched each episode, falling more in love every time. Archie is hot, Veronica is hotter, Betty is sassy af, and there’s just enough intrigue to keep it from getting boring and cliché like other shows. Let’s hope this one gets renewed for a few more seasons, cause I’m hooked!

Favorite Laptop – Apple MacBook in Gold

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This month I took the plunge and became a real adult… I bought a new laptop! I’d had my Apple MacBook Pro since starting college, and it was becoming super slow and annoying – not to mention I have begun carrying around my laptop more and more (#lifeofablogger) and it was super heavy. I decided it was a great investment to get the new MacBook, and when my dad agreed (maybe not a total adult if I’m still running big purchases by him…) I went for it. I had a terribly hard time deciding between the gold and rose gold, because I am a HUGE rose gold fan, but the Apple rose gold is suuuuuper pink. I did like the color, but I was worried I would get sick of it, so I decided the gold was my best bet – it is a more neutral gold, not a yellowy gold. I can’t get over the speed and light weight of it either… zero regrets!

Favorite Accessory – Celebrate Shop Yoga Mat in Gold

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With a Mexico trip coming up quickly (March 30! can hardly wait…), I’ve been trying to work out more and more. I’ve been frequenting a Tuesdays @ 6 AM pilates class at Princeton Club, and although it kills me every time, I absolutely love it! The teacher is so sweet and pushes you without overwhelming you, and she keeps the lights off so the only light is the slowly rising sun… blissful. Anyway, this means my yoga mat has been getting quite a workout, and lil miss Gabi has also taken to chewing at the corners – not okay! I was at Macy’s a few weeks ago with my sister and was immediately attracted the the bright gold of this yoga mat. At only $20, I definitely could not pass it up, and it’s been an amazing addition to my workout routine!

Favorite Concealer – Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Concealer in Light

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My skin definitely goes in phases of breakouts… one month it’s my chin, one month I’m great, the new month it’s between my eyebrows… etc. This month, the problem area was under my nose, and my concealer was just not cutting it – it was too yellowy on my skin tone and did not hold up in my oily areas. I walked into Sephora with an open mind and asked for recommendations. I was introduced to this Bare Minerals concealer that actually contains aspen bark and tea tree oil to treat acne while covering it up! It’s a cream stick formula, but is a lot thicker of a formula than I expected. My spots have healed much quicker than usual, and I’ve taken to using this concealer on the areas of my face that are prone to breakouts (and also need some color correcting!) to try to combat the zits before they come.

It’s been an amazing month full of new products and faster tech, and I can’t wait to see what March will bring!


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