birthday resolutions | i’m 23!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved my birthday. I know what you’re thinking – everyone loves their birthday! – but I promise you, I love mine more. I am an avid celebrator of my “birthday month,” and if that sounds conceited, I really don’t care, it’s just me!

Anyway, this year I’ve decided to set some Birthday Resolutions, since New Year’s Resolutions always seem a little basic to me and I’ve literally never followed through with mine. Hopefully Birthday Resolutions will be more inspiring! Turning 23 seems like a big deal to me – another year closer to adulthood (what age IS adulthood, really?) and another year away from my teens. I thought I’d share these Birthday Resolutions in hopes to be held accountable, and to inspire others to set some Birthday Resolutions of their own!

1) Stop putting off things that will make me feel better. I have a habit of making crazy to-do lists and feeling bogged down by everything I need to do. I also cannot let myself relax until EVERYTHING is done, which means I hardly ever really relax – how can I truly enjoy my nap when my laundry bin is overflowing?! It would be nice if these worries made me super productive, but they don’t. I usually end up feeling so overwhelmed that I ignore everything and sit scrolling through my phone thinking about everything that’s not done but not actually doing anything about it. By setting this resolution, I hope to catch myself in those situations and think, “Okay, what’s one thing I can get done right now that will make me feel great when it’s done?” If that’s something big like unpacking all my moving boxes (yeah, still not done with that… am I proving my point?) or even something small like going through my nighttime skincare routine, I need to just DO IT. I will try to remember how good I’ll feel when it’s done, and will hopefully be able to have some actual relaxation in my life.

2) Check in with my emotions and well-being more often. I recently had an appointment with my therapist, and she was recommending that we cut down our visits to once every few months (woohoo! progress, right?!), and I heard myself agreeing but pointing out that I don’t know if I’d ever want to completely stop with the appointments because when I have one coming up, I think about what’s been going on lately and make a mental checklist of what I want to talk about during my session. The more I thought about that, it sounded totally ridiculous to me. Why do I only check in with myself when I have an appointment with my therapist?! This is something I could (and should!) be doing everyday! I think sometimes I don’t even realize things are bothering me or that there’s something I need to talk out, because I never really check in with my emotions until they come blasting out in the form of a terrible day that ends in tears for no apparent reason. With this resolution, I promise to spend a few minutes every day to really look inward and addressing my problems, and then, deal with them if I need to, instead of letting them weigh me down.

3) Do something every day to bring me closer to my goals. If 6 months ago you had asked me where I see myself in 5 years, I would have responded with a blank stare. I really had NO idea what I hoped to do with my life. This past weekend, I realized I finally have a vision of my future and what I hope to do. Although it may not be as specific as I thought a “5 Year Plan” should be, it’s what make sense for me. I won’t get too deep, but this realization means a lot to me. After a year of really struggling with no motivation and no drive in life, I finally (am starting to) have both, and it’s extremely exciting. For that reason, my last resolution is to do one thing every single day that brings me closer to my goals. Again, it can be a very small thing or possibly the start of a very big thing, but I’ve wasted too many days – here’s to catching up and getting to where I want to be!

I’m so excited for what year 23 will bring (trips! new job adventures!), and I’m looking forward to checking back in on my next birthday, hopefully feeling like I successfully kept up my resolutions, and eager to continue the tradition.


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