what’s next? give your input!

Hey y’all! Spring is officially here (bye, bye winter!), and I’ve been brainstorming my upcoming projects and posts. I thought of something – would you like to have a say in what you see next? I have so many ideas swimming around in my head, and while I could easily pick and choose what to do, I thought you, as my readers, should give your input – you are the reason I’m doing this, right?! So here’s the deal… I’m going to give a list of 10 ideas I’ve come up with. Your job is to leave a comment on this post with your “Top 3” choices of what you’d love to see a post about! Please PLEASE feel free to also leave other ideas you have, or things you’d love me to do – I’m all ears!

  1. What I Eat in a Day (ft. recipes and pictures of all meals/snacks)
  2. Morning Routine (could be solely “get ready”-style, or include the whole shabang)
  3. Nighttime Routine (see above…)
  4. Sunday Cleaning/Organization Routine
  5. Springtime Outfit Ideas
  6. How to Purge & Organize Your Wardrobe
  7. My Everyday Makeup (including products and application tips)
  8. How to Stay on Top of Your Finances (aka my money-related weekly to-dos)
  9. How to Organize Your Desk & Office Supplies
  10. How to Pack for a Weekend Away

I’m super excited to hear everyone’s opinions! Comment away, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the “Follow” button on the right side and adding your email – you don’t want to miss a post you requested 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great week, and I’ll see ya back here soon!


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