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I know what you’re all thinking… it’s MAY! Why are you posting a MARCH subscription box review?! Well, when you have two weekend trips followed by a weekend of strep, plus a full-time job to keep up with, it’s hard to get around to even trying out new products, let alone writing a post about them. But I’m not one let a box go by without a good try… so we’re going to play a little catchup! Plus, look how beautiful this Birchbox is – I knew you just had to see it!

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This month I was lucky enough to get the Birchbox x Draper James curated box, which consisted all of Reese Witherspoon’s (Draper James founder) favorite products! I am just in love with Reese and everything Draper James has to offer, so I couldn’t wait to dive in to this box.


The product I was most excited to try was the Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm. This balm claims to adjust to your skins pH and give you that perfect made-for-you color. I’m always skeptical of these products, but have had great results in the past so was hoping for the best! This balm totally delivered – I love putting it on as my base when I’m doing the rest of my makeup in the morning because it goes perfectly under anything else I might decide to add over my lips – and not to mention it’s super hydrating! I’ll be keeping this balm in my purse all spring for those times when I know my lips are craving some color but I can’t get to a mirror.

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I was a little disappointed to see two hair products in this month’s box because I am very picky about my hair products and usually don’t have much luck, but I fell in love with one of Reese’s choices – Davines OI All in One Milk. This product is a post-shower leave-in treatment for hair that supposedly “detangles while adding volume, shine, and heat protection.” I totally agree that this is a do-it-all product, and the smell is AMAZING – I can’t describe it except for natural, herbal… just amazing. It is possible to go overboard with this spray and hair can get a little too product-y, but if you spray just the right amount, your hair will dry so soft and beautiful. My one complaint is the nozzle – it gets clogged so easily! – but that could just be the sample size bottle.


The other hair product that Reese Witherspoon chose to include this month was the R+Co DALLAS Thickening Spray. Now, I have thick AF hair naturally, so I don’t need much help in that department, but this spray also claims to add shine and bounce, and everyone appreciates a little more of that. I do not love the scent of this spray – it smells way too much like alcohol – and it has a super light mist, but it did add a bit of texture to my ends. I’ll probably use this product here and there when I notice it, but I definitely don’t plan on purchasing a full-size for $28.

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When the weather starts to get warmer, I am all about the face primers. I tend to get really oily in my T-zone when I’m in the sun, so a primer is key to keep my makeup in place. I’ve only tried a few, but I really liked the Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer that came in this month’s box. It’s a very balmy texture, so I don’t feel like I just applied a silicone mat to my face, but created a perfect base for any makeup to go on smoothly. They recommend you apply from the center of your face outwards, since your drier areas don’t need as much of this product, and I can say it totally delivered – my concealer didn’t budge for hours!

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The last product this month was a skincare item (my favorite!) – Clarins Hydra Essential Silky Cream – Normal to Dry Skin. I’m pretty disappointed that such a small sample of this product was included because I totally fell in love! The cream comes out thin but once you start massaging it into your skin it turns into a thick, almost gel-like texture, and is super moisturizing – so much so that I gravitated towards only using it at night because it was just too much under makeup. The scent is also a huge bonus – it has that “expensive” smell that I can’t quite describe, but I bet you all have an idea what I’m talking about.

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Thanks to Ms. Witherspoon herself, we also received a bonus product this month! We got the Davines OI Shampoo + Conditioner that’s in the same line as the leave-in treatment mentioned earlier. These products have the same amazing scent as the spray, but I’d say there a bit basic for the price ($29 for the shampoo and $36 for the conditioner). The conditioner was nicer than the shampoo, with a thick texture that made my hair smooth and shiny, but I don’t plan on purchasing these anytime soon for that price.

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I decided against a look this month, seeing as the only product you could really see was the lip balm – let me know below if you missed this aspect and would’ve loved to see it anyway! Coming next month for my Birchbox, I went a little bit of a different route, and I can’t wait to share!


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