get your shit together sunday // week of may 28

Happy Sunday! If I’m being totally honest, this Sunday doesn’t REALLY feel like a Sunday, since tomorrow is a holiday and I have off work, but I figured I couldn’t wuss out and skip only my second get your shit together sunday! So, here we are. I was feeling extremely uninspired as I sat down to figure out my goals for this week and write this post, so I turned to my main source of inspiration – YouTube – and gave myself a couple minutes to watch a few #girlboss videos and ended up feeling much better and had my goals written out in just a few minutes!

First, let’s check in with my goals from last week:

  1. take my supplements every morning and night – Okay, so I didn’t 100% succeed with this, but I took them WAY more than I would’ve if this hadn’t been my goal. There were two night/morning combos when it just didn’t happen for one reason or another (I promise it was never just because I didn’t feel like it), but the rest of the days were successes. I figured out that I need to find a good way to travel with all of these supplements, especially the liquid one – a huge glass bottle is just not very practical!
  2. clean out and file away all the papers in my desk drawer – Well, it may not have happened until about 20 minutes before writing this post, but that doesn’t matter, right? IT HAPPENED! The drawer is clean, the papers are organized, and I’m not freaking out that I shoved a bill in there one day and totally forgot about it. Feels good, y’all.
  3. plan out all my posts for June – Check – also done! I feel so much less overwhelmed looking ahead to the next month now that I know exactly what needs to get done and when I need to be working on it.

And now for my new goals for this week!


I felt pretty good about my eating habits over the past few weeks, but as I mentioned in my gym essentials post, I have not been a part of the gym life lately. My goal is to workout five times this week. I know that seems like a lot, going from 0 to 5 in one week, but there are a couple factors that go into that decision: 1) tomorrow is a holiday and I have off work which means I have zero excuses to not get some kind of workout in and 2) I’m going camping this weekend and know I will be going on a hike on Saturday and another on Sunday, which definitely counts as two workouts! That means I only have to fit in two other workouts during the week, which is not as hard as I might think it is.


I wasn’t exactly sure if this fits in this category, but another goal for this week is to get a morning routine and night routine figured out and set up. This is something I have always wanted to do, and I’m someone that 100% thrives on lists and routines. I think I’ll take the first couple days of the week to try out and take notes on how my morning and night usually go, and then by the end of the week I should be able to put a list together that flows smoothly and makes me uber-productive!


NO SHOPPING! What I really mean is, I absolutely cannot buy something I don’t need, like makeup or clothes or stationary or whatever in the world I seem to be spending all my money on lately. I am feeling overwhelmed by how many physical things are in my life, which tells me I have too much, and I am also pretty disappointed with the bottom line of my savings account… all signs point to a shopping diet!

Well, wish me luck! I truly believe that having these goals written out last week helped me to get together the motivation to get them done. I kept thinking how it would feel to come back and write this post and admit (to all you friends and to myself!) that I had failed during my first week, and that kept me pushing forward! Have any of you started writing out your weekly goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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