gyst sunday // week of june 4

I know what you’re going to say – it’s Monday! What’s the point of get your shit together sunday if it’s on Monday! I have a perfect excuse though… I was too busy on Sunday GETTING MY SHIT TOGETHER! But to be honest, I had been camping all weekend and hadn’t planned all that well, and spent most of Sunday night adulting (paying bills, doing laundry, etc.). Good excuse, right?! And Monday is also a perfect day to GYST! So, here we go…

Checking in with my goals from last week:

  1. workout five times – I almost did it! I worked out four times, and I feel great about it! I took TWO long walks on Monday, went to Pilates class on Tuesday (couldn’t breathe without ab pain for DAYS after that), took a walk on Wednesday, and went on a long, hard hike on Saturday. I hadn’t been to Pilates class in months, and it felt amazing, so I think that is a success in itself – I can’t wait to go again tomorrow!
  2. get a morning routine and night routine figured out and set up – Well, I didn’t 100% succeed with this, but I did get some ideas down on paper, which is a start. I realized it’s going to take a few weeks to really lock in what works for me, but each morning and night I come up with a few more things to add to my list and re-work it to be more productive. Hopefully by July I’ll have this down!
  3. NO SHOPPING! – Now this goal I totally succeeded on! I can’t remember the last time I went a week without an “unnecessary” purchase. I should probably continue this one for the month, but my summer Stitch Fix arrived today so… oops…

And now for the new goals for this week!


My friend and I have recently been talking a lot about eating healthier and trying to workout more (we are both guilty of not taking these things very seriously…), and we decided today to try a “Couch to 5K” workout routine. My goal for this week is find a Couch to 5K plan and find a 5K to sign up for! I think having a 5K scheduled in the future will really motivate us, and having someone to hold us accountable will do wonders – no one wants to admit that they didn’t do their training that day to someone that got it done!


I’m going to be 100% realistic with myself and admit that I’m not going to be able to succeed with a home goal this week. I’m housesitting, and will hardly be at home to do anything. I think it’s a success to be honest and not set myself up for failure, though!


I’ve literally had “set up retirement fund” on my to-do list for a year. Since I don’t work for a company and my job is far from traditional, I don’t have the perk of an easy-to-sign-up-for 401k, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to save for retirement like everyone else. The longer I go without saving for this, the worse off I will be in the long run, and I can’t keep pushing it off.

The goals for this week may not seem so hard, but they are super important in planning for my future. What are your goals for this week? Comment down below, and let’s make June a productive month!



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