gyst sunday // week of june 25

Welcome back to get your shit together sunday after a two week hiatus! I spent too much of last Sunday actually GETTING MY SHIT TOGETHER and ended up with no time to write, and the week totally got away from me. Summer is off to a super busy start, and I’m learning to really appreciate the few hours here and there that I have to actually sit down and breathe.

That being said, the next week is going to consist of a lot of sitting down, but not much breathing… I’m getting sinus surgery on Wednesday! I’m definitely going to have a lot of time to just chill (but of course I’ve made a “sinus surgery to-do list” filled with movies, books and little tasks… the list-making obsession never dwindles), and I’m hoping recovery won’t be too terrible, but I’ve heard a few horror stories.

This brings me to my goal for this week. That’s right, just one goal.


The only thing I’m telling myself I need to work on this week is to relax and take advantage of this down time, because lately it’s few and far between. I know it will be easy to get frustrated about being cooped up in the house and not being able to do much (I can’t bend fully over with my head hanging down for an entire month!!), but I need to realize how lucky I am to be getting a surgery like this, and to be capable of getting the time off work to do so. So many people are less fortunate than I and would have to just suffer with endless sinus infections, so I think I can handle a week on the couch!

I was just taking a look at my calendar and realized that I will be out of town for the last six weekends of summer. SIX WEEKENDS IN A ROW OF NOT BEING HOME. It sounds a little bit terrifying when I think about it, and I’m really hoping I can keep it together (and keep putting out gyst sundays!), but this next week will be the recharge I need to get ready for that crazy period of time.

Does anyone else feel like the rest of summer is going to fly by in a blur of weekend trips and pool days? Let’s all try to remember to take a step back here and there and really enjoy it while it lasts – before we know it we’ll be pulling out those ankle boots and bomber jackets again, and we’ll wonder where the time went (but tbh I’m SUPER excited for fall and have loved the 65 degree weather this weekend – don’t hate me!).


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