gyst sunday // summer to-do list

This week, we (I…) have a bit of a different gyst sunday for y’all… since I’m still recovering from surgery, I won’t be doing much shit-getting-together, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make plans!

As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m in the middle of my fifth day in a row on the couch, staring out the window to a beautiful, July day. It might not have been my smartest choice to get sinus surgery over a summer holiday weekend when Instagram and Snapchat are filled with friends having the times of their lives (do I sound bitter?), that’s just what worked out. So instead of reveling in my FOMO, I’m going to put together a to-do list to make sure I spend the rest of my summer doing everything that summer means to me!

  1. spend an afternoon on the terrace reading a book
  2. get lunch at the food carts
  3. read a silly, summer love story
  4. see the sunflowers at Pope Farm Park
  5. take a morning drive out in the country with a coffee and no end in sight
  6. go the farmer’s market on Saturday morning and make lunch using all the ingredients I picked up
  7. wear pretty sundresses and bright lipstick just because I feel like like it
  8. take evening walks around the neighborhood
  9. go on a weekend trip to somewhere I’ve never been (Austin, here I come!)
  10. spend a Wednesday night at Concerts on the Square
  11. take a nap outside
  12. watch the sunrise at Picnic Point
  13. go on a bike ride (this one’s for you, D)
  14. have a picnic
  15. bake vegan muffins
  16. do an outdoor yoga class
  17. swim in the lake
  18. spray paint a bunch of old stuff rose gold
  19. take at least one picture everyday
  20. start a travel series on the blog

I think it happens to all of us – we’re so excited for summer, yet when it finally happens, it flies by way too quickly. I can’t believe this summer is almost halfway over! Although I’ll be traveling for a lot of the second part, I fully intend to make every moment count, and try my hardest to remember how much I’ll miss the beautiful weather and carefree attitudes once frigid temps and short days return.

Another main problem I have every summer is that I get so dang excited for fall. Fall is definitely my favorite season, but I worry that sometimes I get so wrapped up in the anticipation of it that I forget there is a beautiful season happening right out my front door. Obviously fall is amazing and I’m all about those vibes, but summer vibes are awesome too! I wait all year to be able to hop in my car without thoughts of a coat or appropriate footwear – we gotta APPRECIATE this time, ladies!

What’s on your summer to-do list? And what have you already crossed off? Let me know in the comments below!


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