erin condren plan with me!

If you know me at all, you know how much I love stationary, notebooks, and especially planners – one of my favorite things to ask for every birthday is “office supplies” *roll eyes emoji.* Planners have come a long way in the last few years, and with the introduction of bullet journals and the like onto the scene, it’s easy for typical, run-of-the-mill planner companies to fall to the wayside. Erin Condren is different – they’ve been keeping up with the times with their amazing LifePlanners that combine everything we love about pre-made planners with the opportunity to personalize and organize our planner to work for us.

This year has come with many new personalizations to the LifePlanner, including the possibility of a hardbound cover, and the choice of an hourly, horizontal or vertical page layout. I chose to stick with the basic vertical layout and changeable cover – for my main cover, I chose a marble background with a rose gold monogram. Let me show you how I plan for a typical week…

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First I start by gathering the essentials. I like to make my planning a relaxing weekly ritual, complete with a hot cup of tea and a candle. Then I grab my planner, my sticker book, and my dual-tip markers.

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The first sticker I put down in my spread is my weekly motto. The top left corner can be used for whatever you’d like, but I like putting an inspirational quote that I can turn to day after day to remember how I want my week to go.

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Then I pick my color scheme for the week. I treat each spread as a work of art, and when the colors are coordinated, the week ahead feels more manageable and organized. All my stickers and writing are centered around these colors.


I use the top box of each day as my dashboard – I put all the times and appointments I need to remember. I usually skip the day-to-day “nanny 7:30-5:30” and stick to more out of the ordinary things, including holidays!

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The middle box of each day is reserved for my to-do list. Usually these boxes get filled out the night before each day, but there are a few tasks like laundry that always happen on the same day every week, so those are easy to fill in during my big planning day. I stick to using stickers (no pun intended…) only every other day in this area, to keep my spread from looking cluttered.


Bottom boxes are strictly blog! I plan out when I need to write, edit, and which days I’m posting. I love looking at the full week as a spread and knowing exactly what I have to do to stay on track in the blog world.


Since nobody can have too many inspiring quotes in their life, I usually pick another one or two and write them in the side bar, adding a few stickers here and there for fun!

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Last not but not least, I use the bottom lines as routine trackers. I’ve recently been tracking how many glasses of water I have each day, if I take all my medicines and supplements, if I workout each day, and if I complete my skincare routine each night and morning. I fill in the bubble for success, or put a huge X through it if there isn’t success – nothing like a big X to get your butt in gear!

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With that, my weekly planning is complete! As things change and the week goes on, I fill in as I need to, but waking up Monday morning being able to see my full week set out really calms me down and makes me feel ready to take on the week.

I haven’t even mentioned the rest of the amazing features the LifePlanner has to offer – I guess you’ll have to order one of your own to find out! Trust me, you won’t regret it – everyone deserves a gorgeously planned out life! Grab your own Erin Condren LifePlanner here!

// I received this LifePlanner from Erin Condren for free to review, but this is not a paid promotion! I loved it so much I just had to write a post about it! //


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