gyst sunday // week of july 16

Happy Sunday, cuties! After thinking I was going to have a chill, fun weekend, I ended up getting super busy and working non-stop! What can you do, I guess… these things happen, and it was all mostly enjoyable 🙂 I have another crazy week ahead – book club on Tuesday, attending an outdoor play at American Players Theatre on Wednesday, drinks with David’s coworkers on Thursday (his last day of his current job is Friday! bittersweet for sure), and heading to Chicago on Friday for a photography job this weekend! Overall, a lot of fun and opportunities I’m lucky to have, but I know I need to start the week with my life in order or I’ll feel totally out of control.

Checking in on goals from last week:

  1. skip going to coffee shops for sugary lattes – 100% succesful – hooray!! I did buy one iced tea at The Prairie CafĂ© & Bakery  because I wanted to chill and use their wifi and I felt bad not buying anything, but I’m not counting that – it was only $2 and sugar-free. An entire week with no Starbucks runs – I honestly think this is a first! I definitely saved a few dollars (that might be going to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ooooooooops…) and I enjoyed the multiple-serving cold brew and Silk creamer I purchased (for the same price as ONE latte) just as much as I would an Iced Cinnamon Dolce.
  2. purge & scan magazine pages into the Evernote app on my computer – Not a huge success, but I did get my notebooks all organized on Evernote and I scanned in about 30 pages. It’s a tedious process and a lot of nights there ended up being something much more “important” to do, but I’m in a great spot now to jump in and get a few pages scanned at any given moment.

As for goals for this upcoming week…


This is going to sound a little strange, but I wanted to choose a goal for this week that wasn’t time consuming, but effective – I’m going to try to wear my retainer to bed every single night. I had braces for about a year and a half when I was in middle school, and although my teeth haven’t moved much, I feel bad every time I see my retainer in the drawer and can’t remember the last time I put it in. The first few nights are going to be rough, but the pain will improve from there, and if I’m being totally honest, it kind of feels good sometimes. I’m also crazy and am convinced that my teeth look whiter when I wear my retainer – don’t ask, but I’m using that as extra motivation!


Again, knowing I don’t have a ton of downtime this week to tackle a big project, I decided to stick with a simple but effective goal – get my beauty room/office cleaned up and keep it organized – aka, actually put stuff away as I use it, and not throw my clothes all over the floor and chair! Hopefully I can do the big clean up tonight so that Monday morning starts on an orderly note. Do you guys fall into the same cycle I do where you start Monday with a clean room and then wake up Saturday morning to tornado damage?! Like honestly, we might be busy, but it doesn’t take long to clean up as we go – what takes up time is cleaning and putting away a week’s worth of clothes and shopping bags and lipsticks!


With an exciting photography experience coming up this weekend, I really want to use my one free night this week to master using my tripod! I’m not necessarily positive that I’ll need it for this project, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do and it will be great to know I have the option to use it if I want to. I was reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers Dani Austin and I realized that using a tripod is an awesome skill to have – there are so many times when I wish I could take an outfit pic, but David isn’t around to be my photographer – this will eliminate this problem!

Another summer week has come and gone. I’m super excited for my trip to Chicago this weekend, and getting ready for my trip to Austin the next week! What are your goals for this week? I challenge everyone to get that pile of clothes (we all have it…) cleaned up tonight and keep it from growing all week!



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